Council stalemate puts Cordova de-annexation vote on hold

One woman has been fighting to make that happen for nearly six years. She’s been showing up every day, hoping the rest of the council will too.

“Personally, it has impacted me tremendously because if you have to remember South Cordova isn’t just a mile or two down the road,” Possel said.


“We in South Cordova chose a suburban location, we were never intended to be an urban situation, so we never wanted to be in the city,” Possel said.

Tuesday, an ordinance that would allow certain parts of south Cordova to leave the city was up for a second reading.

However, the council at odds over another issue over who to appoint to the District 1 seat.

“I think it’s really sad that people who are elected officials are not coming in to do the job,” Possel said.

The remaining councilmembers have agreed to table the District 1 appointment issue until Dec. 18, so the council can continue with other city business.

Council Chair Berlin Boyd recessed the meeting until Tuesday at 10 a.m. and says the city’s attorney is looking at ways to keep moving forward regardless of who shows up.

If city council is able to meet next week, the south Cordova de-annexation ordinance would have to be approved and then approved again a third time.

While the Mayor supports this measure, the council is at odds, pushing this measure forward out of committee with a “negative” recommendation.

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